Mentoring aspiring leaders: Why choose Lesley as a mentor?

She has significant formal and informal experience as a mentor and mentee over several decades.

She understands the importance of matching mentors and mentees. Her experience tells her she is most effective working with aspiring leaders who are grappling with the unwritten rules of organisational cultures.

This is what people say about her on farewell cards. Thank you for:

• looking out for me and taking an interest in my studies
• your support and concern for me and my work. My mantra will be: What would Lesley say?
• your willingness to impart knowledge and constant concern for us
• your wisdom
• teaching me so much, including a new perspective of the public sector
• taking an active interest in my career path
• the kindness you have shown me and for teaching me how to get things done
• being supportive and engaging, for listening and for providing sound advice